ThermoXplode Fatburner and Energy Booster


ThermoXplode Super Fatburner Formula:
Burns and Blocks Fat, Decreases Appetite, Decreases Sugar Intake, Burns Carbohydrates, Increases Metabolism and Energy.
Weight-loss aids use different mechanisms to combat unwanted pounds.

The five major mechanisms are:

Increasing metabolic rate
Decreasing appetite
Blocking fat absorption
Decreasing sugar absorption
Increasing carbohydrate metabolism

VitaHerbs LipoThin 90 Caps.


VitaHerbs LipoThin 90 slimming tablets

6 weeks supply

VitaHerbs LipoThin is a powerful dietary supplement for control of appetite and body weight. It enhances and stimulates the burning of fat.
For the treatment and prevention of obesity and General weight control.

ACAI Berry 500mg 120 kapsules

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ACAI Berry 500mg

Fat Burning, Energy, Detox, Super Food

120 kapsules

Organic Freeze Dreid

Acai Berry + Detox Cleanse Combo


Acai Berry + Detox Cleanse Combo

1 Bottle Acai Berry 120 X 500mg Capsules + 1 Bottle Detox Cleanse 60 X 600mg Capsules