ThermoXplode Fatburner and Energy Booster


ThermoXplode Super Fatburner Formula:
Burns and Blocks Fat, Decreases Appetite, Decreases Sugar Intake, Burns Carbohydrates, Increases Metabolism and Energy.
Weight-loss aids use different mechanisms to combat unwanted pounds.

The five major mechanisms are:

Increasing metabolic rate
Decreasing appetite
Blocking fat absorption
Decreasing sugar absorption
Increasing carbohydrate metabolism

ACAI Berry 500mg 120 kapsules

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ACAI Berry 500mg

Fat Burning, Energy, Detox, Super Food

120 kapsules

Organic Freeze Dreid

VitaHerbs LipoThin 90 Caps.


VitaHerbs LipoThin 90 slimming tablets

6 weeks supply

VitaHerbs LipoThin is a powerful dietary supplement for control of appetite and body weight. It enhances and stimulates the burning of fat.
For the treatment and prevention of obesity and General weight control.